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Podcast: What to know before selling into the C-suite

Lee Demby
by Lee Demby on Sep 11, 2013 3:35:00 PM

Selling into the C-suite is something that every enterprise sales pro is being encouraged to do.  Here's some cold hard facts.  


 Lisa McLeod is a sales consultant and best selling author who meets with chief sales officers, globally.  She's helped many sales organizations transform their "B" performers into "A"performers, and move the executive engagement needle.  I recently sat down with Lisa to explore the subject of selling into the C-suite and  record this free podcast.

 Click the button below to hear:

  • Why is it critically important to sell into the C-suite?
  • Why CXOs want you to be a peer?
  • What you can do to make CXO engagement easier?

 Podcast: Selling Into The C-Suite

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Lee Demby
Written by Lee Demby

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