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10 New Year’s Resolutions for Building Better CXO Relationships

Posted by Sharon Gillenwater on Jan 2, 2017 1:42:35 PM

Are you ready for 2017?

Let’s talk about resolutions you can keep when it comes to upping your sales mojo.

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CXO Selling: Five Things You Need to Succeed

Posted by Sharon Gillenwater on Jun 21, 2016 2:52:30 PM

In a recent post we outlined how Salesforce is closing bigger deals faster by engaging CXO decision makers—all the way up to the CEO.

Many companies are trying to emulate this CXO engagement strategy, but few are successful.

Why is this the case?

We have consulted with hundreds of companies on CXO engagement and have observed that there are five critical success factors that come into play when it comes to CXO selling. They are:

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Five Critical Things to Research BEFORE You Go Into a Customer Meeting

Posted by Sharon Gillenwater on Apr 26, 2016 7:00:00 AM

So, you’ve landed a meeting with a long sought-after customer. Chances are you’ve already done some research to get your foot in the door, but are you able to articulately connect the dots between their business objectives and your product or service? Do you even know what their business objectives are?

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“That Spa-Like Feeling”: Five Tips for Elevating the Customer Experience

Posted by Sharon Gillenwater on Apr 25, 2016 12:34:37 PM

At Boardroom Insiders we have what I think is a particularly evocative phrase that we’ve embraced when either describing how we want our customers to feel—or the feeling we want to have when working with our own vendors.

We call it “that spa-like feeling.”
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How Salesforce Is Winning Nine-Figure Deals

Posted by Sharon Gillenwater on Mar 30, 2016 8:00:39 PM

On a February 2016 earnings call, Salesforce execs crowed about having “the absolute best quarter we have ever had,” capping off “a breakthrough year.” Management attributed this “amazing” success" to "an all-time high in the number of large transactions” including a net-new nine-figure deal, a nine-figure renewal and more than 600, seven-figure plus transactions.

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Immigrant CEOs: What Global Citizens Bring to American Business

Posted by Sharon Gillenwater on Mar 23, 2016 6:47:41 PM
There’s no shortage of research on immigrant-founded and led businesses in the U.S. According to The Partnership for the New Economy, 41 percent of Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants or the children of immigrants.
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How Four Companies are Revamping Their C-Suite in 2016

Posted by Sharon Gillenwater on Jan 19, 2016 10:22:00 AM

For most organizations, January represents a fresh start—and a good time to launch new strategies and initiatives. At least four Fortune 500 companies are also kicking off 2016 with a few new faces in the C-suite. These leaders will likely be looking to make their mark with new investments in digital and technology. Knowing about these incoming executives—and what their focus and challenges are—could help you get your pipeline off to a roaring start this year.

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The Class of ’16: The Big Issues for Incoming CEOs

Posted by Sharon Gillenwater on Dec 21, 2015 1:04:32 PM

Come 2016, you’ll find new faces in many CEO offices. Organizations like Starwood Hotels, Owens-Illinois, LL Bean, and others have announced top leadership changes and their priorities for 2016.

You may think all CEOs have the same goals in mind—grow the company, grow profits, be leaner. Well, sure. But that’s just the broadest of strokes. Just as you may—mistakenly—assume that all CXO personas are alike, you’d also be wrong in thinking all CEO issues, drivers, and goals are identical. As you’re planning a conversation with someone new entering the C-suite, you need to know what exactly they’re up against and what their plans are to satisfy both customers and shareholders.

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Perspectives on Leadership from the World's Top Business Leaders

Posted by Sharon Gillenwater on Dec 4, 2015 4:28:53 PM

Corporate executives at large, global companies live a rarefied existence. They also have immense responsibility. Their organizations employ thousands--sometimes hundreds of thousands--and their decisions can literally change the world. These powerful leaders come from many different backgrounds and beliefs and all have experience and perspectives on what it means--and what it takes--to lead. Here are some compelling leadership perspectives from some of the of the world’s most successful CXOs on what true leadership looks like to them.

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What B2B CEOs Can Learn From Their B2C Peers

Posted by Sharon Gillenwater on Nov 18, 2015 5:04:49 PM

“'It’s great to meet customers. I can get their insights and understand what they’re looking for. What I don’t want to do is sit back and be in an ivory tower and say ‘this is what I think it’s going to be’ – it’s understanding what the customer is asking for and then delivering against that.” — Paul Walsh, Former Chief Information Officer, Dell, Inc.

What companies come to mind when you hear “customer-centric?”

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