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Our Newest Solution for Executive Engagement


Experience Our NEW
BI PRO Dashboards

"We built our latest platform to identify business priorities, find common threads, and discover powerful relationships across your most important accounts."

BI PRO generates data-driven dashboards that allow our customers to instantly access key insights, connections, and common threads across groups of executives or accounts. It's the kind of analysis that takes agencies weeks or months to produce... and we deliver it in seconds.  - Watch the Video for the Whole Story

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leverages our database of 20,000+ Executive Profiles and a proprietary algorithm to generate instant insights that can streamline and amplify executive engagement.

Ideal For
  • Large-Account ABM
  • Enterprise Marketers
  • Event Marketers
  • Executive Engagement Teams
  • Executive Sponsorship Programs

BI PRO Features

Harness all the power of our BI SIGNATURE platform,
PLUS, the ability to create unlimited custom "projects" that give you instant access to:

Relationship Mapping

BI Pro Relationship Mapping300-300


Discover connections between
executives in seconds

The Relationship Mapping dashboard within BI PRO finds the hidden connections among the executive leaders across your key accounts. You can map relationships across a group of accounts or executives. You can also incorporate your own executive team, allowing you to spot connections between your organization and your target accounts.


Audience Analysis

BI Pro Audience Analysis300-300


See an aggregate view of your audience, including common hobbies,
interests, and more

Our Audience Insights dashboard offers a 30,000-foot view of your target executives, allowing you to discover and analyze what they have in common, from gender breakdowns to countries or origin to business priorities and interests. It's real and relevant information that takes guessing out of the equation.


Business Priorities Analysis

BI Pro Priority Analysis300-300


Uncover trending business priorities across your target audience

Our Business Priority Analysis dashboard gives you a roadmap of the top business priorities at your most important accounts. You can view business priorities within a single account (e.g., Bank of America), across a group of accounts/executives within a single vertical (e.g., financial services), or across a segment defined by a role or function (e.g., CFOs, CMOs, technology executives).


Common Threads

BI Pro Common Threads300-300


Find out what your target executives have in common, including employers, boards,
alma maters and interests

Our Common Threads dashboard allows you to find out what your target executives have in common, from the companies they've worked for, to the boards they sit on, to the interests and hobbies they share. It’s the kind of insight you might be able to surface after dozens of hours of research and cross-referencing — only we deliver it to you in seconds.



Accuracy is Key

Our research is compiled by an expert, U.S.-based team using hundreds of accredited sources, from news outlets to earnings call transcripts and more. It's the kind of insight that would take your team hours or days to uncover. We give it to you in seconds.

Sharon 100 x 100
"Our mission is to become the competitive advantage for executive engagement.
We are proud of what we've built, and we see so much potential for the future."
Sharon Gillenwater
- Boardroom Insiders co-Founder & CEO

Seeing is Believing

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