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How To Close Bigger Deals With Executive Insight

Lee Demby
by Lee Demby on Jan 16, 2014 11:08:00 AM

Most sales and marketing pros agree: the more you know about your customers, the better. Insinctively, most of us know that executive insight is a valuable and necessary part of the customer intelligence toolkit.

But when asked about how they specifically use executive insight, even the most successful reps scratch their heads. A common question we hear is, "this is amazing...but how can we best use it?"Screen_Shot_2014-01-14_at_1.24.07_PM-1

Today we offer some specific examples of how to use executive insight in real-world situations--in your communciations, for meeting prep, for thought leadership or planning face-to-face executive events.

Example 1: Watch sales leadership expert and author Lisa Earle McLeod (at right)explain how she uses Boardroom Insiders profiles with her clients.

Example 2: Read our post, Top Five Tips for Engaging C-Level Decision Makers

Example 3: Read one of our most popular articles, Five Tips For More Effective Customer Events

Companies like the ones below use insight from Boardroom Insiders to drive real business conversations with their customers, enabling them to show relevance, develop stronger relationships and close bigger deals faster.

Want to learn more? Download a free profile--then imagine if you had this type of information at your fingertips for all of your accounts.

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Lee Demby
Written by Lee Demby
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