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The Next Hot CXO Title: Chief Marketing Technologist

Sharon Gillenwater

According to the Harvard Business Review, "marketing is rapidly becoming one of the most technology-dependent functions in business." A lot has been written about how marketing organizations are scrambling to attract a new breed of talent with emerging skill sets in strategy, analytics, technology and digital.

Enter the Chief Marketing Technologist, a powerful sidekick to the CMO who is, according to HBR, "part strategist, part creative director, part technology leader, and part teacher. Although they have an array of titles—Kimberly-Clark has a 'global head of marketing technology,' while SAP has a 'business information officer for global marketing,' for example—they have a common job: aligning marketing technology with business goals, serving as a liaison to IT, and evaluating and choosing technology providers. About half are charged with helping craft new digital business models as well."

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The CMT promises to be highly influential and will surely be an important target for marketing solutions vendors of all kinds.

Want to learn more? Access the full HBR article.

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Sharon Gillenwater
Written by Sharon Gillenwater
Sharon Gillenwater is the founder and editor-in-chief of Boardroom Insiders, which maintains an extensive database of the most in-depth executive profiles on the market, from Fortune 500 companies to independent non-profits, to help sales and marketing professionals build deeper relationships and close more deals with clients. Gillenwater is a long-time marketing consultant with expertise in marketing strategy, account-based marketing, and CXO engagement programs.
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