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Knowing Thy Customer Means Knowing Who's In Charge
Whether you're a salesperson selling multi-million dollar deals, a marketing leader hosting C-Level events, or a recruiter seeking top tech talent, conversations with C-Level executives are necessary, inevitable and critical. 
But C-Level conversations are different than other kinds of business conversations. They require a high level of business acumen, deep insight about the customer and an ability to connect the dots back to your own objectives. 
The key to success is feeling confident and well-prepared.
That’s where we come in. 


We help you build better relationships in the C-Suite.

A decade ago, we created the most in-depth executive profile on the market to support Fortune 100 technology companies that were trying to build relationships in the C-Suite. 
Today, our proprietary platform contains thousands of profiles of Fortune 500 executives and is used by companies of all sizes to support large-account ABM, enterprise sales, account planning and management, and executive search. 
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Is your message relevant to C-Level decision makers?

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Our Customers

Boardroom Insiders Executive Profiles are helping thousands of sales and marketing pros close bigger deals, faster.
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Why Choose Boardroom Insiders?

LinkedIn Doesn't Tell You Everything.

We love LinkedIn and believe it to be an essential business tool. However, if you are trying to engage a C-level executive, LinkedIn is not a silver bullet.  It simply does not provide the depth of insight required to engage with C-level executives.

In fact, LinkedIn can give you a false sense of security going into important meetings. You think you have done your due diligence by looking at a few LinkedIn profiles, but halfway through the meeting, it can become painfully apparent that you don’t know what you don’t know.

LinkedIn often does not tell you...

  • LinkedIn Won't Tell You (2).png
    ...the functional responsibilities of the person. A title doesn't always tell the story.
  • LinkedIn Won't Tell You (3).png
    ...the goals of the executive's company and or division.
  • LinkedIn Won't Tell You (4).png
    ...the executive's business focus issues and challenges.

The Information is Out There      

Do You Have Time To Find It?Copy of 8.5 x 11 Executive Profile Editorial Process-1

Our in-depth profiles are created by our U.S.-based editorial team, which includes former business journalists, industry analysts, and management consultants, each of whom has a minimum of 10 years experience.

Each profile represents an initial 6-8 hours of research across 50-plus sources. Plus, many hours are spent updating profiles after their initial publication.

Your team’s time is valuable--too valuable to spend hunting around for information our experts have already found and compiled.

Leave the research to us.

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Drive Opportunities with c-level intelligence
Boardroom Insiders is driving opportunities in areas we have not thought of in the past. The executive profiles give us the confidence to go outside of IT and demonstrate to the customer that we know their business. We can talk about specific initiatives that we previously did not have visibility into. Boardroom Insiders is now 'baked in' to all of our playbooks, roadshows, and training. It's really embedded in what we do.
Senior Director of Sales
boardroom insiders helps sales and marketing pros with business conversation

We needed to think bigger in terms of who we call on. Access to executives is critical to our expansion and we need to do a better job telling our story at the executive level by making it personal and relevant. Our team used Boardroom Insiders executive profiles to craft a message that touched on some of the information important to our key executive. He got back to us in 10 minutes and we got the meeting. Personal relevance works. 

Southeast Enterprise Sales Manager

We have struggled to get meetings with CIOs. Using the insight you provide, I have been more successful in getting their attention and getting them to agree to meet.

VP Field Marketing
marketing teams use executive profiles to understand customer priorities

Our regional marketing teams are using Boardroom Insiders executive profiles to understand customer priorities, which helps them design and drive more effective marketing events and campaigns.

Senior Manager of Enterprise Sales Productivity
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