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Customer Intelligence, Executive Briefing Center

What Color Are Your Customer's Socks? Four Tips for More Effective Executive Briefings

One of the coolest tools used by tech companies to woo customers and close bigger deals is the executive briefing center (EBC). EBCs are typically housed in slick, beautifully-designed facilities rich with cutting-edge technology, interactive demos, and really good catering.

Are You Using Speed Dating to Woo the C-Suite? Try Courtship Instead.

One of the hardest things about enterprise sales is keeping your own sense of urgency in check. Customers don't care that...

Executive Research: The Fine Line Between Smart and Creepy

 In business, when does “doing your homework” on a customer cross the line into creepy, stalker-like territory?

This comes...

CIOs Sound Off on How Vendors Can Measure Up

Most tech vendors say they want to be seen as trusted partners, not faceless product pushers. And many of their ultimate...

Four Reasons Why You Should “Listen to the Whole Album” When it Comes to Executive Engagement

My college roommate was, and still is, a music fanatic. I guess I’m dating myself, but back then he was a member of all the...

What Industry Conferences Do You Attend to Keep Your Knowledge and Skills Fresh?
Attention marketers and sales leaders: what industry conferences do you attend to keep your knowledge and skills...
There Are No Stupid Questions. Actually, There Are Plenty.

From the time we’re quite young, we’re assured by the adults in our lives that there are no stupid questions.

That may be...

Who’s on First: Tracking Executive Changes at Your Most Important Accounts

Here's a fact that should get your attention. Turnover among U.S. CEOs in 2018 reached an all-time high, according to global...

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