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C-Suite Success, C-Level Engagement

A startling prediction about the future of sales — and a trick to change the future

By the year 2020, 1 million sales reps will be out of a job.

How C-suite intelligence took this company's enterprise sales efforts to the next level

In 2018, a leading national telecommunications company decided to launch an account-based marketing program.

Inside Adobe's ABM Strategy: Why Melissa Watts puts people first

Melissa Watts is a senior marketing manager at Adobe, responsible for the territory from Miami to Maine and as far west as...

The Most Important Thing You Need to Know About the Fortune 500 This Year

It’s official: There are more female CEOs on the Fortune 500 this year than at any point in the history of the list.

The most important thing we learned at the 2019 SiriusDecisions Summit

We always have a good time at the SiriusDecisions Summit, and this year was no different. We spent four days in Austin, sat...

Meet the CMOs of the Fortune 100 in 2019

2019 has brought some notable changes to the list of Fortune 100 CMOs, a role that continues to evolve beyond the management...

2018's State of Women CIOs in the Fortune 500

Every year since 2007 we have looked at the state of women CIOs across the Fortune 500. We track the number of women in this...

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