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Building Consensus With Buying Committees—Or, How to Avoid a “No Decision” Deal

According to Harvard Business Review, the number of people involved in B2B solutions purchases grew from an average of 5.4 in 2015 to 6.8 in 2017.

There Are No Stupid Questions. Actually, There Are Plenty.

From the time we’re quite young, we’re assured by the adults in our lives that there are no stupid questions.

That may be...

Why Tech Vendors Should Be Selling to the C-Suite

If you’re a tech vendor selling “digital transformation,” one of the best articles you can read right now is a piece by...

C-Suite Selling Perfected: How Salesforce is Winning More Mega-Deals

Salesforce is a company I follow very closely. Given their phenomenal growth and the fact they are a longtime customer of...

Buyer Beware: The “Smoke and Mirrors” of Sales Intelligence

Warning:  This qualifies as a professional rant. 

When it comes to sales intelligence and business “data” providers, buyer...

How is Customer Success Different From Customer Service?

When we hear the term “customer service,” B2C scenarios tend to come to mind. For most of us, this might involve an online...

[Video] C-Suite Selling Success Stories and the 5 Things You Need to Succeed
Hi, everybody. We're talking today about C-Suite selling success stories. My name is Sharon Gillenwater, and I'm the...
Nailing the First 5 Minutes of a Business Conversation

It's 2017 and IDC sees a future where C-Level executives are going to be more central than ever to critical technology...

Don’t Let Spinoffs Spin Out Your Customer Relationships

Are any of your customers involved in corporate spinoffs? Sales and marketing people are always advised to keep an eye on...

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