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Are You a Box Checker? Why a Key Account List is Just the First Step of Your ABM Journey

Here’s a sad but true tale of missed ABM opportunity.

A Fortune 100 company spends months of man-hours—and invests in various data analytics tools—to slice and dice their account data. The goal is to come up with a tiered list of 2000 or so top accounts to use as the basis for an account-based marketing program. The months-long effort yields an impressive PowerPoint document that delves into the details of the data and demonstrates the rationale behind various account tiers. It also includes a LONG list of accounts.

Are You an Order Taker or a Business Partner?

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Got Rep Turnover? Learn How to Get New Reps to Succeed Faster

One of the biggest challenges faced by today’s technology companies is the constant changing of sales representatives. Our...

CXO Selling: Take That First Step

In our meetings with enterprise sales leaders, we notice a lot of heads nodding around the room when we talk about:

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